As someone who is 100% self-taught, I can attest to how overwhelming it is learning to navigate through photography and through the industry.  There were so many times I just wished I had someone to break things down in a simple way, since I could barely even figure out what questions to ask or where to look for answers.  After countless hours of research, practice, YouTube, and about a zillion lessons learned, I now have an established client base, vendor network, significant social media presence, and most importantly am consistently booked several months out.  If you’re interested in learning how I was able to make all this happen in the less than two years since I picked up a camera for the first time, then lets connect! 

I’ll be sharing EVERYTHING with total transparency on topics such as marketing, client experience, Instagram growth, organic posing and prompts, editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop, pricing and more!  You’ll also receive my How-To Guide on marketing through Instagram growth and providing the best client experience so you can have something tangible to take away from our experience and to help build your business!

Choose from any of the following mentorship packages:



We will cover all or any of the topics mentioned above, or you can ask me absolutely anything!  Lets spend 90 minutes breaking it all down! Guide on Instagram marketing and client experience included.



Lets meet in person and really get in depth!  An advantage of this option is being able to sit next to each and actually go through things in lightroom, photoshop, Instagram etc. together!  There’s nothing quite like a hands on experience, and we can spend 2 hours going over it all. Guide on Instagram marketing and client experience included.



This package is taking the in-person mentorship to the next level by getting out there and shooting together!  I’ll provide a couple, and as a bonus, you can use any of the images you shoot during our session to help build your portfolio!  Lets get out there and get our hands dirty together! We can also meet or Skype after our session to go over editing as well! Guide on Instagram marketing and client experience included.